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Negative Edge

When discussing swimming pool designs, a negative edge pool and an infinity pool are actually just two names for the same pool feature. Start Pool and Spa are very familiar with the proper processes that this design requires. Negative edge pools are a very popular design style among our custom pool clients. Many of these designs will include additional features such as spas, fountains, water features, and more. No other style of backyard pools can make quite as big an impact as a negative edge pool design.

Make your dreams come true and select Start Pool and Spa to build a negative edge pool in your backyard. Quality workmanship and a decade of experience will set your negative edge pool apart from any that our competition might build. These pools deliver maximum impact if you have a long or expansive view as it gives the impression that the pool blends into the distant horizon. If you have a smaller area to work with, you can still gain the majestic effect of the vanishing edge with our reverse negative edge pools which drops water into a lower basin. Our customized designs and highly skilled design team will help will achieve the effect and impact you want from your new negative edge pool.